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Your hobby
Tell me about your hobby in English.E.g. I like arabic music because….

Мария Каврус

My hobby is music
My name is Kristina. My surname is Kudrova. I’m а 9-year-old girl from Russia. I live in the wonderful village. I attend the 3rd form of secondary school. I have a lot of friends.

As any girl I have my favorite occupation. I’m fond of music. When I was 4 years old I started to learn children’s songs and to sing them for members of my family. It was my hobby. I sang everything and everywhere. When I went to school my mother decided that I should visit the musical school and be fond of professional music. I thought it will be great. And now I have been attending it for 3 years.

Music is my life. Being free I listen to different kinds of music such as classical, modern, folk, dance and pop music. I study to play the piano in my musical school. I have already learnt some musical compositions of the most known composers. Because of I try to play the piano; my parents have to buy it for me.

I think music enriches our hearts and feelings. It makes us to believe the happy days. When I sing my songs I want that people can listen to my mood and understand my thoughts.

I had already taken part in local musical competitions, and I have won the first prizes. Now I’m learning the fine English song. Soon I will come to Tobolsk city for singing it there.

I have my dream. Everybody knows Eurovision. This international competition is famous all over the world. I dream to take part in it and to win the first prize.

If I train hard, I hope my dream will be а reality.


Вопрос-ответВ одном необычном и удивительном музее, среди других комнат, есть одна особенная. В ней можно не только насладиться репродукциями полотен знаменитого голландского художника Рембрандта, но и подхватить простуду.? Ведь особенностью этой комнаты является то, что в ней поддерживается очень низкая температура. Настолько, что без тёплого пальто любоваться картинами долго не получится. Вопрос – почему в этой комнате такая низкая температура?

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