Сделайте предсказания на способах, которыми Интернет мог использоваться в будущем. Желательно выразить мысль на анг

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Сделайте предсказания на способах, которыми Интернет мог использоваться в будущем. Желательно выразить мысль на анг


Recently read the statement «I am surprised by the Internet technology only when using them can be downloaded for a meal.» Probably, the author of this statement internet technology will surprise pretty soon, given their pace of development.

Internet of the future will cover every corner of the planet. Do not use an internet connection will be impossible, as the Internet technology fill every sphere of human activity. Already created a lot of devices that support WAN connection. If the Internet is widely used today in the field of communication, information transfer, then tomorrow will be a must, the ability to manage multiple processes, including household. This will give an opportunity to open a large number of remote workstations.

Connection speed will increase by hundreds of times, that lead to a massive jump in the development of online services. No longer need to purchase computer equipment with powerful features and install a specific software package. It suffices to have a device with which it is possible to connect to the network, all users will be available.

Website move to a new level of development. Each entrepreneur will offer its services through a network, which will lead to the discovery of new online stores which give competition to enjoy better services.

Not excluded the opposite effect development. With the high influx of users to the Internet will start to fall and the capacity of the cables. Today already experiencing some poorly developed in this area, regions. Offering its services to other, more advanced, the provider will raise prices on tariffs. As a result, the user does not get an increase in speed, will receive an increase in cost. Such a scenario, on the contrary, slow the development of the Internet and make stagnate for a long time still.

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