Сочинение по английскому языку. тема пикник. 50-60 слов

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Сочинение по английскому языку. тема пикник. 50-60 слов


When the weather is fine I sometimes have a picnic at the weekend. Three of my close friends are great lovers of picnics, too. As a rule, all my friends accept my invitation to go on a picnic with pleasure. Once we chose a wonderful place for our rest. It is a very picturesque place in the countryside not far from our neighbourhood. My dad gave us: a tent, sleeping bags, rucksacks, a hammock, a portable fridge, a barbecue, water carriers, a gas cooker, thermos flasks and so on. First we pitch our tent, hang a hammock up and arrange everything in a good order. Then someone burns a fire and takes care of the barbecue. Another one starts to set the table. Ellie and I take water carriers and go to the nearest village well for fresh water. It has already become a tradition for us to discover new and unknown things around. For example, Claire gathered a big collection of spiders, butterflies and beetles. She considers some species to be very rare. Catherine drew quite a few interesting sketches of the countryside landscape. In the evening we keep late hours: we warm near the fire, enjoy mysterious nature and silence around. I always tell endless stories to my friends. They say, I am a good storyteller. When the time for our departure comes, everybody wants to delay it and lengthen the happy hours of our picnic.

Вопрос-ответВ одном бидоне было 9 л. молока а в другом 5 л. На приготавливание каши израсходовали 6 л. молока. Сколько литров молока осталось в двух бидонах вместе?
Вопрос-ответВыписать 3-4 предложения из научного текста с числительными. помогите плес
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